The trouble with working for yourself….

is that your days don’t really have a defined structure to them. The advantage of working for yourself….

That said, working in a hotel does have certain fixed points:

  • up at 07.00 to 07.30 to get breakfast ready
  • bed not before 23.00 once you’ve closed up the pub and counted the (meagre) takings

Hubby is at the Hexham Abbey Festival at an organ concert. Yes, we’ve probably heard all the bad jokes, but feel free to share. Every so seldom, we try to get a night away from the place to get some sense of perspective and a fresh view point on what we’re working towards.

To return to knitting:
The sleeves of Devan (see below) are blocking upstairs. Sewing & button bands will have to wait until I have some down time outside of the pub. I can’t concentrate on knitting while I’m playing genial hostess!

I’m now working on Flora from the latest Knitty. I’m working in some variegated King Cole chunky yarn and hoping to get hold of some similar yarn in one of the colours to make the flower. More would be good, as then I’d have three scarves for the time of one….


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