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Diana, who seems to be a very methodical knitter indeed, has just pointed out two mistakes in the pattern for Chantelle (version chantelle051011.pdf). One isn’t too bad, the other is likely to cause a certain amount of cursing.

Mistake 1:
On starting the yoke, you are instructed to pick-up 80 stitches and then work (k1, kfb) to end to get 122 stitches. This doesn’t work – you get 120 as any competent mathematician would have told you.
Please, amend your pattern to:
Pick up 81 stitches i.e. pick up one stitch in your bind-off row, which makes a neater edge anyway, and work (k1, kfb) to last stitch, then kfb in the last stitch to give you 122 stitches.

Mistake 2:

This is rather more serious, and involves the set up for the lace.
Here is the corrected section of the pattern, with the changes in bold type

For Poncho:
Join work in the round, being careful not to twist, as follows:
Turn, and bring the two ends of the circular needle together.
Slip the last two stitches on the RH needle onto a cable needle and hold at the front of the work.
Knit one stitch from the cable needle together with one stitch from the left hand needle, place round beginning marker (R), knit second stitch from the cable needle together with one stitch from the left hand needle.
Knit 1 round, decreasing one stitch at the beginning and one at the end of the round, then follow the Lace Section instructions below.
For Cape:
Do not join in the round, instead, start 2-stitch i-cord edging by knitting the first two stitches of each row and slipping the last two stitches as if to purl with yarn in front.
Knit 1 row, then follow the Lace Section instructions below, but purl the plain knit rows.
Lace section:
Round 1: sm[R], 8(k2, pm[MC], work row 1 of lace pattern, pm[CC], k2)

In other words, you decrease two stitches in the plain round after you have joined the work, and then have a gap of 4 stitches between each lace section in the first round.

I will amend the .pdf of Chantelle some time next week (after the Halloween party on Friday anyway) so if you have requested a copy from 10pm on 24 October, there is likely to be a delay in receiving it….

Thanks Diana!


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