Normal service resumes

Well, normal knitting service anyway.

My thanks to everyone who wrote in with sympathy or suggestions, particularly those who suggested I knit something ‘just for me’. So, I am.
efgh started
It’s the “e/f/g/h* scarf” from the now-defunct OzYarn website. As you can see, I made a fair amount of progress with the first end of this scarf-with-hands in the pub….

For Pamela and the rest of you poor non-Scottish folks:
turnip, but not the white, watery bland English turnip. These are purple on top, yellow-fleshed, and a traditional Scottish Food. Recipes will follow when I can stop for longer (this is written while I let the beer lines steep in caustic….)

* embrace/fondle/grope/hug – very silly, and hence very appealing to me, despite the fact that it’s been marinating in my small stash for three years….



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2 responses to “Normal service resumes

  1. Anonymous

    That’s what I call Swede, I consider turnips to be white with a green top. Both have different tastes and uses. E.G I like both oven roasted but only put turnip in soups as I cannot stand swede in a soup, it tastes too strong for me. Swede is lovely cooked with carrot and then mashed up. It is a sweet taste and my children would eat it mashed with carrot as baby food. I got so interested I had to Google and found this is a rutabaga, great name! Looking forward to reading your recipes.Judith

  2. Pamela

    Hey, I’ll have you know my last name is MacKenzie. I don’t know what a neep is because I live in California. As a matter if fact, we call them turnips and I ate one last week. It was purple.

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