Man-bear (yeti?)

As promised, pictures of the faceless, earless teddy-to-be:
Image hosted by

As you can see, it’s rather hard to tell that it’s supposed to be a bear, but perhaps this picture will help a little (it’s also closer to the real colour on my monitor):
Image hosted by

I am putting off sewing on the ears and face for the simple reason that I’m not quite sure how to go about it. Getting that bit right will make the bear a bear, so if anyone (Franklin, are you out there?) has any suggestions, I’ll be very grateful indeed.

In the meantime, I’ve started the calculations and test-knitting for my next big project. It’s a pullover for mememememe based on a design in an old Jaeger magazine.
Image hosted by
I’m going to need to make a few modifications so that it will fit me. Most crucially, I’ve calculated that the sleeve is far too narrow in the biceps area (well, look at the shape of the model!) and I’m going to have to add about 1/3 more stitches before I get there and then lose them quickly enough for the sleeve cap to fit the armhole.

I’ve asked for input on the Ample Knitters list, and think I’ve found a solution of sorts. It involves decreasing fairly sharply in the last half-dozen rows of the sleeve cap, but spread out rather than making the equivalent of a dart which had been my first idea.

I’m going to start on the sleeve in lieu of a tension square. I’m working in Jaeger Odessa which is a lovely dark purple with a sparkly thread running through it, and although it’s a bit finer than a normal DK I hope to get close enough to the correct tension to avoid having to rip it out. It’s a fairly fragile yarn, and I don’t think it will survive the experience very well at all.

On the hotel front, last night was our last music session in the lounge bar. We almost made a profit, which is the main reason why it was the last session. After an hour’s setup time, four or more hours of staffing, cleanup, and paying the band, we simply don’t make any money. We don’t seem to get any benefit in terms of increased custom either, as the kind of people who come in for music generally don’t seem to be the sort who come into the pub at other times.

We had a bit of hassle from a repeat offender last night: she’s barred from the pub (for very good reasons), and has been for years, but keeps coming in and trying to get served along with a big group of friends/family to back her up. It took nearly an hour to get her to leave, but when she did, she took all her friends with her. Theoretically I suppose I should have been upset at the loss of trade, but it was good to be able to relax and enjoy the music after they’d gone. That kind of thing takes it out of you emotionally….

Cold, and as one wall of this office is the old front door, I’m freezing. I made the mistake of putting on a cotton cardigan this morning, and I really need to go and find a wool one!



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2 responses to “Man-bear (yeti?)

  1. Franklin

    Hey there,

    Your bear looks great!

    One thing I did when working on the face was to position the eyes (I used beads) temporarily with straight pins, trying different positions until I was quite satisfied with the placement. Same with the ears, actually – I knitted them up and sewed the halves together, then played with them before committing.

    So like a man, eh?

    I would place the ears first, secure them. Then do the eyes. Then embroider the nose, and the mouth last of all. And keep redoing it until you’re satisfied!

    Can’t wait to see the finished bear 🙂

  2. Franklin

    PS Forgot to say, if the recipient is going to play with this, I would NOT use bead eyes, of course. Safety eyes usually have to be applied before the head is sewn up, and button eyes are a choking hazard. So if I were you I might go with all embroidery – nice fat French knots, perhaps?

    Shutting up now.

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