The windy city

As Jean will tell you, Edinburgh can be very breezy indeed. Today it was both windy and cold which made my trip rather shorter than I had hoped. I didn’t manage to do most of the shopping I’d half planned, but did get some useful information out of the SLTA seminar on what worked (and didn’t) in Ireland when they banned smoking in enclosed public spaces. The only actual purchase: a new recipe book from Ottakars in the Drownacentre at Cameron Toll. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a way to fatten John up while slimming down myself. Tricky!

Driving back was actually rather hair-raising at times, particularly on the descent into Lauderdale, with the wind gusting whenever the land opened out to either side. It’s on days like these that the snow gates on the A68 on either side of Soutra make a lot of sense. I’m very glad indeed that it was mild and only drizzling a little.

None at all.

Up at 06.20 to do breakfast for the workmen, drive to Edinburgh, SLTA seminar, meeting with lawyer, drive back, 1 hour in pub, dinner ….


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