Website design

As you may have noticed, the knitting has been a bit thin on the ground recently. I have, however, finally completed the rewrite of the hotel website and would very much appreciate any feedback, advice, whatever, that you see fit to provide.

Aside from that, my cleaner has been off sick, as has one of my bar staff, so I’ve not been making much progress on anything other than the essential day-to-day stuff which keeps the place open.

Country living
The joys of…. Last night one of my regulars wanted a taxi home at 11.45pm. Not really a problem if you live in the city. I tried four local taxi firms, none of whom were answering, and eventually drove him the 6 miles out of town myself. The roads are unlit outside of the town itself, and it was seriously cold, and there’s no way he could have walked it.

We do provide the same service for guests, if needed. There are a few long-distance walks which run near or through the town, and as John has done the walking thing for years, we understand that the last mile into your hotel can sometimes just be a mile too far….



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2 responses to “Website design

  1. Jean

    Dear Lorna,

    I like the website very much indeed.


  2. Dawn


    I think the website looks very good. I like the clean not too busy style. Nice banner picture too.

    If my husband and I ever get around to cycling the Lands End – John ‘o Groats route on our tandem (don’t hold your breath), we will be sure to come your way.

    All the best,

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