We (Scotland) beat Italy in Rome yesterday. It was great. A close game, with lots of clever tactics – some of which even paid off. Then Ireland beat England in London. That was just brilliant. My barmaid, who generally doesn’t see the point of rugby, was engrossed, and the rest of us were enthralled.

The six nations thus ended:
I don’t think that’s a particularly fair reflection on how Wales played, but the combination of winning the Calcutta Cup at Murrayfield, and then finishing above England on the table is very pleasing indeed.

The BBC will ignore this, as they ignored the Calcutta Cup victory, but for once we have beaten England both in the actual game and on points overall, and Scotland is happy.

I am knackered. This was our first really busy weekend of this year, with the Border Counties Rally on Saturday. Both teams which stayed with us retired, which is the same result as last year, although different teams.

The rally is held mainly on Forestry Commission and MOD land around Otterburn and Keilder. You can see pictures of the 2005 event here. This year it was snowy, and the marshalls were a bit twitchy about letting spectators get close to the course, so I’ve not been able to find any pictures yet.

On both Friday and Saturday night we were up until around 02.00 with guests in the pub, and on both Saturday and Sunday morning we had early breakfasts from 07.00: do the sums yourself.

Thank you Franklin and Alison for your compliments on the Nudibranch pattern. I have to admit: I rather like it myself.

Still not much progress on any other knitting, but I do have my next design in mind….


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  1. Jean

    Never mind knitting for the moment — I’d be very interested to hear how you get on with the Smoking Ban, if you can write anything that won’t land you in jail.


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