If I wasn’t already blonde….

I would be out in search of peroxide.

I have been working (for about 3 years, on-and-off) on a cabled toddler pullover. The pattern has you work the usual front, back and sleeves, and sew them all together. Aha, thought I, this is a perfect situation for working front and back together in the round at least to the armholes. So I did.

Or at least, I thought I did.

Reading futher, and now that I’ve finished the sleeves, it turns out that this pullover has saddle shoulders. No armholes….

There’s nothing for it: I’m going to have to 1. seam up the sleeves and work out what armhole depth I need; and 2. rib back all that lovely cabling and work front-and-back separately from the depth that the armholes shold have been made, if I’d made them.


We appear to be fighting a rearguard action against underage drinkers. This weekend I will be on the door, and if they look under 25, and there’s no ID, they won’t be getting in. Even if I’ve known them for ages. Even if they’ve been drinking at the Spread for year. No passport or driving licence: no drink! It is just too easy to buy fake ID on the internet now – even the Government-approved “Pass” hologrammed proof-of-age cards can be bought on ebay, it seems.


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