(the tortoise from the Just So Stories, in case you were wondering)

Yup, that’s me.

I have been working on a dressy jumper for quite a while now. It was started some time ago, at least on paper, but due to the requirements of Pub Knitting it has been rather well-and-truly stalled.

The plan is to knit Melissa, by Hillary Rohde (no, I’d never heard of her either and this might or might not be her company) from an old Jaeger Pattern Magazine. It’s JM06 published in 2002, so not ancient, but sadly no longer extant either.

Melissa from Jaeger

Sadly for me, Jaeger’s sizing doesn’t quite stretch to mine, particularly in the arm region. I need an absolute minimum of 36cm around the upper arm if I’m to get any blood to my fingers, and the largest size (112cm bust, to fit a 107cm bust) has an upper arm circumference of 30cm less your seams when you work out the gauge.

Ouch indeed.

So, I needed to find a way to add about 10cm of stitches in the length of a sleeve, and then get rid of them in such a way that the sleeve cap would still fit.

I did it
Or at any rate, I think I’ve done it.
Odessa sleeves

I’m working in Jaeger Odessa, rather than the Trinity DK specified, and getting my almost invariant gauge of 22 x 28 using 4mm needles. Jaeger patterns all seem to get 22 x 30 with DK, so there was a little recalculation involved there as well.

I’ll try and scan my working sheet and post it some time in the future, just in case someone else is having similar problems. Grumperina has the opposite issue with written patterns – batwing sleeves appear to be her pet hate….

Two potential bar staff who were due to come for interview this evening phoned about 15 minutes before the start time to cancel. “Something had come up.”




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2 responses to “Slow-solid

  1. Aarlene

    I hope the sleeve does work out. That’s unfortunate about the staffing problems. I would have thought some college age youngsters would dream of working in a pub.

  2. ra

    better they do it at the interview stage that 15 mins before due on shift methinks. Aren’t people sometimes a right royal pain in the arse?

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