Not perfect. Not even nearly perfect. Still, far better than anything I’ve got in my cupboard at the moment in terms of both comfort and fit.

I give you:
That Blouse
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Here’s what it looked like before I messed around with armholes, darts, and waist shaping:
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I have no idea who that cake was made for – the link is to a professional sugarcrafter’s site. I just thought it was amazing.

We didn’t know about the wool-based insulation when we got ours done. I suspect if we ever have to do our own again we might use it, if only because laying fibreglass based insulation is the nastiest itchiest job I’ve ever had the pleasure of avoiding.

I’m still not convinced about a gored skirt – the one I tried on was an eight-gore tweed skirt, and I think I looked fairly awful in it. MOre trying on may be called for, but I think I’ll stick to trousers or dresses for now.



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3 responses to “Done!

  1. Aarlene

    The blouse looks grand. I hope you can replicate the fit again without going through the whole process, particulary the parts that made you crazy.

    I take it the beer lines and the skull are all intact?

  2. Kathleen Fasanella

    hi, you wrote me a private message at pattern review but I can’t respond because you’ve disabled receiving messages in your profile.

    no, I don’t have a distributor there :(, sorry. I’ve just been mailing single copies from here via GPM

  3. Dez Crawford

    I wish I was more of a seamstress but the revised blouse looks great. I admire you for your patience. Unlike knitting, I still think of sewing as a thing requiring patience and perserverance. If I have to rip out a knit mistake, no problem — I get to knit more! If I have to fix a sewing mistake, I am usually furious. 🙂

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