Open Access

Charles Darwin’s notebooks are being put online for anyone to read. The original of the notebook he used while on the Galapagos has been stolen, but a microfilm copy has been used to make the information available.

I’ve been neglecting my knitting due to a few other interesting discoveries online.

1. The Fashion Incubator is a blog written by someone in the industry, and she gives wonderfully detailed tutorials on the way manufacturers construct garments. There’s a discussion forum as well, but it’s very focussed on small business owners.

2. Pattern Review is a message board, discussion forum and reference area for sewing of all kinds. You can get a free trial membership, but I’ve found it useful enough to pay up for this year at least.

3. The English Cut is the blog of a Saville Row tailor.


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  1. Aarlene

    Thanks for sharing: that English Cut blog was great. I had recently seen a show on bespoke shirts, suits and shoes. Wow! That’s got to be a wonderful experience and then to wear the articles all the time! That would be quite a confidence booster.

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