Yes, I am still knitting

In a similar manner to Jean I have been working on a simple scarf. Frankly, all the renovation and website-redesign is frazzling me to the extent that counting to 6 is becoming a challenge.

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It’s in a lovely microfibre – Schachenmayr nomotta MicroColor – and a colour which reminds me of early autumn. I’ve had it for years, and it’s nice to finally find a use for it. The pattern, if you can call it that, is as follows:

Two balls of DK yarn at ~145m per ball

Using 4mm needles, cast on 72 stitches

Work in ‘feather and fan’ pattern:

1. knit 1 row
2. purl 1 row
3. 3 x (k2tog); * 6 x (yo, k1); 6 x (k2tog); rep from * to last 6 stitches; 3 x (k2tog)
4. knit 1 row

After working 4 repeats, change to 5 mm needles and continue in pattern.

Using the start of the second ball as reference, work until you have enough for 5 repeats.

Change back to 4mm needles and work 4 repeats

Knit 1 row

Cast off in Knit on the wrong side.

NOTE: I’ve not test knit this, so let me know if I’ve messed up too badly, please.


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  1. Jo

    Just popped over to say THANK YOU so much for the tip on circular needle storage. Cut out a length of card, made holes, slotted them all in, and there you are, tidy at last! You’re a poppet. Will tell everyone so when I get a second to post.
    Celtic Memory Yarns

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