Thank you!

for all your good wishes over the Christmas and New Year period. It’s really lovely to hear from you all!

On Thursday I scuttled off to Glasgow to do some shopping. Ostensibly it was a trip to buy fabric for the corridor window curtains at the Cotton Print Warehouse in Govan, but I snuck in a meetup with the folks from Pattern Review and some shopping for me.

We met up at Miss Cranston’s Tearooms on Gordon Street, and had a lovely few hours of chat and scoffing/guzzling.

Then AJ and I went off to Remnant Kings and I did some more shopping!

My real scoop, however, was at the Cotton Print Warehouse, where I found this lovely stuff for £15.99/m with 20% off. 2.5m is mine!

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I will, eventually, make a jacket, I think.

Is ongoing, but I’m working on the teaching stuff for the Fibre-Crafts Retreat in May, so you’re not going to see it until the advertising is finished. This week, I hope….



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3 responses to “Thank you!

  1. Aarlene

    Wow that is quite pretty. Beautiful fabric on sale? sounds like you are definitely starting the New Year off right.

  2. Charity

    How nice to have a day out for fun! Love the fabric! :0)

  3. Devon

    Beautiful fabric, cant wait to see what the outcome project it,,,

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