Bear faced

and eared!

This little (20cm) bear has been a long time in the making. Here’s what he looked like over a year ago!
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I needed to find time when I wasn’t going to be interrupted to do the last of the finishing: ears, face and claws. I also knitted a tiny scarf to cover the join between head and body instead of using ribbon. I’m rather please with the way he’s come out.


He’s knitted in King Cole mohair, and the pattern can be found in Sandra Polley’s The Knitted Teddy Bear. I discovered the book when Franklin was knitting Istvan.



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4 responses to “Bear faced

  1. Barbara-Kay

    My, what a difference your embroidery made. He’s definately a bear now. Fine work!

  2. He is so sweet! You did a great job. :0)

  3. Annika

    Now he’s a real bear! Love the scarf, too!

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