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The fibre-crafts retreat starts tomorrow!

Or tonight for the couple who are flying in from Paris.

It’s going to be a cosy affair: five people and two tutors with lots of time for chatting.  It would have been six, but one of the guests got her wires crossed and turned up last weekend!  We refunded her fee – couldn’t do anything else really….

If you want to come for the day (this Saturday) for a workshop in either backstrap weaving or patchwork knitting, you’ve got about 6 hours left to book.  What are you waiting for?  All supplies, tea, snacks, lunch and a full day’s tuition for the princely sum of £55.

Now all I need to do is print out my teaching handouts (having first finished writing the dratted things) and find that elusive book on domino knitting which I was using only two weeks ago.



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New arrivals

These pictures are about a fortnight old: apologies for the long silence. I’m fine, he’s fine: we’ve just been a bit busy getting things ready for the start of meals at the hotel.




Cute, aren’t they?


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