New arrivals

These pictures are about a fortnight old: apologies for the long silence. I’m fine, he’s fine: we’ve just been a bit busy getting things ready for the start of meals at the hotel.




Cute, aren’t they?



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5 responses to “New arrivals

  1. They are so sweet! I love furry little duckies!

  2. At last! So cute… and a nice change from the blue flowers 😉 Love J.

  3. Reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books, Make Way for Ducklings. Glad you are back. Seems like most of us have been buried lately.

  4. Barbara-Kay

    DH and I got to swim with a duck flotilla like that at Disney World. Momma duck had a nest in the landscape edge. One night around 10 pm we came back to the hotel, tired and hot. We went for a swim, and here came Momma duck, leading her ducklings for their first swim. One jumped in before he was supposed to, two jumped in on her command, and one had to be pushed in! They swam right up to our faces to investigate us – a lifetime thrill!

  5. Oh, well now, those pictures have done me a world of good. Thank you, Lorna!

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