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Long silence

My apologies to thos of you who were worried.  I’ve had Post-natal Depression (surprisingly common, it seems) but thanks to some medication and some very good counselling I’m a lot better now.

Knitting has stopped completely.  First because I really couldn’t do anything, and now because it’s a lot quicker to get something made for Frances on the sewing machine.  My knitting isn’t fast enough to keep up with her growth rate!

Every single soft toy has to have its own nappy....

Every single soft toy has to have its own nappy....

I’ve also been doing some sewing for me with the help of the online community at Pattern Review (you can sign up for a free membership).  I started with some basic T-shirts, and have now managed a pair of corduroy trousers.

Ottobre Woman 05/2007 #16 in a random pocket-print corduroy.

Ottobre Woman 05/2007 #16 in a pocket-print corduroy.

The pattern is from a Finnish magazine called Ottobre Woman – like Burda but with a wider range of body types and ages.



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